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However, the government did not demonstrate increasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period.

The government did not convict any traffickers under the anti-trafficking law; insufficient resources for investigation and prosecution led to inadequate evidence collection and hindered prosecution efforts.

Considering that 1 in 3 deaths is attributable to CVD and that the prevalence of CVD risk factors remains high, CVD represents a major public health challenge.1 The Framingham Heart Study and other landmark studies2, 3, 4 have demonstrated that CVD risk factors—smoking, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, physical inactivity, and diabetes mellitus—synergistically increase CVD risk and death.

Likewise, in sub‐Saharan Africa, CVD is becoming a leading cause of morbidity and mortality because of the increasing prevalence of CVD risk factors attributed to the “epidemiological transition,” characterized by shifts in disease and mortality patterns from infectious diseases to noncommunicable diseases as major causes of morbidity and mortality.5, 6The influx of African immigrants from sub‐Saharan Africa to the United States in the past 2 decades has been unprecedented.

The mean age of participants was 49.5±9.2 years, and 58% were female.

The majority (95%) had ≥1 of the 6 Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death in the United States.

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According to the US Census Bureau's 2005 American Community Survey, 114 000 African immigrants in the Washington metropolitan area accounted for about 11% of the area's total immigrant population.8 Although this immigrant population continues to burgeon, little is known about the CVD risk profile.Victim protection services remained limited, and the lack of systematic data collection hindered efforts to monitor, analyze, and report on anti-trafficking efforts.Because the government has devoted sufficient resources to a written plan that, if implemented, would constitute significant efforts to meet the minimum standards, Ghana was granted a waiver per the Trafficking Victims Protection Act from an otherwise required downgrade to Tier 3.This research gap stems from the fact that African immigrants in the United States are often lumped into the racial category of , along with African American and Afro‐Caribbean persons.9The “healthy immigrant effect,”10, 11 which suggests that new immigrants are healthier than their host counterparts due to self‐selection and immigration policies, is a well‐accepted phenomenon; however, through acculturation, the health of immigrants declines or improves with increasing years of residence in high‐income countries through the loss of culture‐specific health‐protective practices or adoption of health behaviors of the host society.11, 12, 13 Changes in socioeconomic conditions, food supply, health systems and policies, and cultural traditions14, 15, 16, 17 experienced by immigrants have been posited as reasons for deteriorating or improving health.

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The purpose of the Afro‐Cardiac Study was to examine the prevalence of CVD risk factors; global CVD risk (measured with the Pooled Cohort Equations [PCE] score); and independent socioeconomic, demographic, and behavioral factors associated with increased CVD risk in West African immigrants (WAI).

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