Is camilla belle dating joe jonas or robert pattinson

16-Sep-2017 05:50

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Then again, Belle's fans would counter that she's already rumored to be dating Pattinson's British actor pal, Tom Sturridge.Here's our two cents--maybe us gossip junkies are getting ahead of ourselves?!Rob was eyewitnessed kissing Kristen Stewart in Vancouver AFTER the cameras stopped rolling on their sequel New Moon.News of that hookup certainly unsettles Kristen’s steady boyfriend, former “24” actor Michael Angarano, who’se been dating the brunette beauty since she was 16.

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No matter that Camilla is still dating Joe Jonas, the oldest virgin Jonas Brother.Only a week after word spread that Jonas — who may or may not have cheated on the artist with the nation's best-selling album, Taylor Swift — and Belle were dating, and days after pictures surfaced of the two vacationing in Mexico, rumors are flying that his "Lovebug" co-star has been seeing other guys, like the aforementioned Pattinson.

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Taken as a whole, “Louie’s” Manic Bossy Nightmare Girl not only deals a fatal blow to the MPDG, but is a brilliant inverse of that old “Seinfeld” formula that took a perfectly attractive, likable woman and gave her one trivial but still fatal flaw. Or she’s a masseuse, but she refuses to massage him. But instead of one flaw, “Louie’s” MBNGs are terrifying funhouses of wall-to-wall flaws with just one redeeming quality — at least from a single-guy-on-the-town’s perspective.… continue reading »

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