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Not even funnier than some of those really bad SNL sketches that don't seem to go anywhere.

Master P's whole directorial career has involved trying to make comedies starring stand up comedians. Williams, Leslie Jones, Renaldo Rey, Michael Blackson among others.

A whole lot of comics appear in parts that could have greatly benefited from the participation of real actors.

It's kind of a shame because this should be something that Williams should be proud to put on his resume as a star comic but it looks like something he did while he was in high school.

Seeing Katt Williams on the cover made me want to see it since he's the hot commodity in comedy these days.

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Most of the online dating sites offer some kind of a blog but none do a good job of telling you how to fill out a profile that will attract a match.

Maybe they do that on purpose, keep you in the dark so you spend more time paying to meet other people.

I screamed and joined the tug-of-war to retrieve it.

After a few moments I won and slunk upstairs to assess the damage and hide it.

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