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29-Jan-2018 00:13

You'll need to know how to use a streaming app such as OBS or XSplit to take advantage of this feature.

Broadcasting via computer has a big advantage—your image won't be shaky, because you're probably not holding onto the laptop or desktop.You'll be able to monitor your chat room right from Facebook, and can see a feed of your stream to make sure everything's working properly.You can also download videos of your broadcasts once they've ended.But the app is more versatile, giving you more places to go live.

Both companies have watermarks identifying the platform. “To lower the barrier of entry for video, and let anyone create a professional-looking show,” says Tzafrir Rehan, who co-founded Belive with Daniel Mayer.

Facebook Live just got one step closer to becoming a viable Twitch alternative for aspiring video game streamers.