Usps tracking not updating ebay

29-Jul-2017 20:06

I've escalated a ticket with our developers to look into this.

It sounds like we might have a bug that needs to be fixed.

usps tracking not updating ebay-13

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I noticed my shipment bouncing forth and back, being put on hold at a certain point, and later reporting: “Delivery Attempt - Incorrect address” etc.; all in all quite frustrating. I hope this information may be of use to other people since I guess I am not the only one being frustrated by seeing a shipment bouncing forth and back, just to finally read: “Delivery Attempt - Incorrect address”.

In the past week of shipping cards out through ebay, multiple have not updated since the 9th, last saying "arrived at NTX P&DC." Starting to get annoying cause people are asking where their cards are and I can't really do much about it atm. I currently have some cards that were supposed to be delivered yesterday. Have had the same EBay account and address for eight plus years. It seems to be an overflow facility for the USPS in Dallas and nothing moves from there fast.

Updated shipping says "undeliverable as addressed". Last one I had go through there ended up taking 15 days to move from the time they arrived there. one of the things i bought on ebay says "delivered" to an address in CA.....

Everytime I have had a package coming via USPS that includes tracking, I check the site religously. I then receive the package, and then check the site (see, wasn’t kidding about the moron part). A few hours later it updates and said it has been delivered. It half works–I keep checking just in case they get their junk together.

It was instated because consumers were laughing at them for not having tracking, and then going to UPS/Fed EX/Airborne even though it costs more. Anyway, USPS finally got with the 21st century (a while ago, but this is still relevant) and has tracking on some shipments. Like the moron I am, I keep checking for updates (something that UPS/Fed Ex/Airborne do the time) and nothing changes. This faux tracking is nothing more than a bureaucratic tease. I’m not sure how they decide who to ship with, the last time I selected “super saver shipping” (AKA free), they sent it UPS and I got lovely/timely meta data.Thanks for the request and for your patience while we looked into this change.