Atlanta black dating

05-Aug-2017 22:27

There are Black men in America who have never dated within the race? Greg Epstein, the Spiritual expert thinks Seun is extraordinary in many ways because of his education, athleticism and success.

Many of our African American men have no interest in marrying an African American woman.” Another black man chimed in and said, “I’d prefer the person that I’m gonna be with for the rest of my life not be from my own race” while another black man said, “I pretty much date outside of my race.” …dark skinned” and another says, “I prefer a black man.” In closing, Dr. For example, in Los Angeles, if you’re a dark skinned black woman like me with heavy ethnic features looking like you’re from the Motherland, many people think I’m from some place in Africa, black men don’t/won’t date you, however, if you are LSLH (light skinned w/long hair) your chances are better.

That’s what I found out last night when I tuned into the season 3 premiere of Married At First Sight which was taped in Atlanta; black men in Atlanta do not want to date or marry black women while black women in Atlanta want to marry black men.

I seriously could not function well after hearing Dr.

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Like, I wanted to stop the press and have an instant discussion about it but the show went on.

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