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So, it’s hard to know by just the month for that (though the months, etc. In your expeirence what signs have the many manish looking females? from my experience, girls that looked most manly were aries , capricorn, and maybe some sagittarius, but sagittarius usually have manly characteristics , not count if you want to go farther into it, just as days and hours count in Western Zodiac). For example I’m a Dragon because of being born Oct. The chart in the source link can also help more too, as well as this- , under the overview there is a place you can enter your birthday to find your animal. they can look very feminine and sexy, but their acting and characteristics are somehow masculine. I know I’m a Scorpio but what would be my Chinese zodiac sign? Answer by Red Dragon The main Chinese(lunar) Zodiac animal goes by lunar years and there are 12 animals which repeat once a new 12 year cycle starts. Answer by Leai can’t agree not all fire signs look mannish. 1240934151 Answer by That Phantom Pig Answer by Space3Duckit also depends on your year.Consider the force that results from splitting an atom, and you will understand the power, will, and intense emotions Scorpios possess. Consequently, a Scorpio is not fond of weakness in himself, nor in others.Because the Scorpio feels things so intensely, they appear to be extremely private, and almost secretive.

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A Scorpio who feels scorned is not easy to deal with, and trying to get information out of them is like working for a super intelligence agency.

Their reputation for secrecy, however, is born more out of the difficulty the have articulating their emotions than a wish to keep them to themselves.

However, when a Scorpio does speak, others should watch out, for they speak the absolute truth, whether it be good or bad.

As the only fixed water sign in the zodiac, Scorpio people are driven, focused and don’t trust easily.

But once you DO win them over, they are loyal to the end.Scorpio is famous for their full on intensity, concentration, and passion, and along with such fullness of emotion, we also have the deathly stinger of Scorpio’s withdrawal to contend with.