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Additionally, Westwick dished on being a single man in June 2012.

on repeat from start to finish at various intervals for the last three years, roughly.

Later when they were higher up on the beach, there was even more PDA to be had.

Ed’s paternal grandfather was Fred Westwick (the son of Frederick William Westwick and Annie Edith Eggleston).

This is a show ostensibly about, as Westwick hesitatingly tells me, the world of the "man's man... He hesitates over the words "man's man", since, in his opinion, it "makes men sound like they're all rooting for a dickhead, when they're not." Westwick's conflict over the term seems to stem from the fact Vincent's portrayal is far from straightforward; it's an attempt to create a fuller portrait of that hyper '80s masculinity, which tussles always with the appeal of swaggering confidence, and the toxic extremes it brings.

"One of the key things was to make Vincent likable," he explains.

One major reason is, of course, because of filthy rich, mega fitlord (also borderline creepy) Chuck Bass aka Ed Westwick.

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who is dating ed westwick

We normally get to about Season 4 Episode 2 (during Chuck's identity crisis when he's gallivanting around pretending to be Henry Prince) and find ourselves wondering 'what on Earth is our pal Ed Westwick up to nowadays?

Birth Name: Edward Jack Peter Westwick Place of Birth: Hammersmith, London, England, U. Date of Birth: 27 June, 1987 Ethnicity: English Ed Westwick is an English actor, model, and musician.