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04-Nov-2017 13:32

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"Pornography encourages men to have unrealistic expectations of their penises," sex therapist Marty Klein says. But in the real world, only 2 percent of women are exhibitionists.Now, with 120 million adult women in the United States, the exhibitionist 2 percent provide more than 2 million potential porn actresses. In the world of pornography, women are always enthusiastic and care nothing about pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease, relationships or even their own fulfillment.As I’ve talked about before, women in their mid-30s and 40s are very, VERY horny. Often when I talk about under-33 women having more sex (or sex more quickly) than older women, people will often retort with “Oh bullshit, women in their 30s-40s are way hornier! If she’s 19 years old, she’ll have two or three rules.Rules about how the guy can’t be too creepy or weird. Other than that, she’s down for sex (assuming she’s physically attracted to the guy of course). Rules about how discreet she thinks he’ll be, how strong she views him, etc. You’d need a god damn table of contents to keep track of them all.Their affair is accompanied by a plethora of guitar riffs and a dangerous amount of sexytime candles.

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Assuming you’re not the young hot sixpack guy with no money exception-to-the-rule (which is in itself is a rule in a way), she’ll have rules about the number of dates she needs, what will be done or not done on those dates, the topics he brings up on those dates, how much money is spent on her, the color of his socks, the age or number of his children, how often he calls or texts her, how clean the inside of his car is, on and on and on. He sits bolt upright in bed and puts his head in hands.

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