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You can of course slow the machine by 'reverse thrust' of the legs but the slack between forward and reverse pressure on the pedals gives a different feel to a true fixed set-up.Cyclists who rode in the 50's always had one or two of these gears in their head, usually 48 x 16 = 81” gear and 48 x 18 = 72” gear.Many people have tried to explain it to me and although I could describe the gear train within a car gearbox I have never got to grips with epicyclic gears.Having said that I hope that some of the following may be of use. I love riding fixed as it gives a great feel of being at one with the bike.Really fit riders would use 15t (86.4”)for 25 and 50 mile events but on the other hand the not-so-fit would use a 17t (76.2”) for events of 100 miles, 12-hours, or for the masochists, 24hours.Following a detailed laser scan of Stonehenge last year, an analysis has just been published by English Heritage.

Each person has a unique personality and communication style which plays a very basic role in their Personal Perspective, and all personalities are combinations of four basic personality types. Here is how the DISC profile applies to effective communication.

The use of any lubricating powder in crokinole is controversial, with some purists reviling the practice.