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12-Nov-2017 12:48

She added that government would also benefit from the sex workers because they wold pay tax.

The National Coordinator said that in Amsterdam where sex work is legalised, sex workers pay 160 Euros to enable them stay in a `window for eight hours.’ She explained that window is a place where a sex worker stays to wait for her clients.

Abuja – Ms Amaka Enemo, National Coordinator, National Sex Workers Association, has appealed to the federal government to de-criminalise sex work in Nigeria for effective control of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Enemo made the appeal on Wednesday in Abuja while briefing newsmen at the inauguration of new report on `Understanding the high risk of urban sexual networks in Nigeria.’ The national coordinator said that everybody is at risk of whatever he does, adding that sex workers faced a lot of violence especially for from their clients, thugs and law enforcement agents.

Although security within Maiduguri, the state capital, improved slightly, active conflict, mass displacement, and disease outbreaks continued outside the city.

MSF scaled up emergency assistance in Borno and the surrounding region.

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MSF scaled up services in camps for displaced people in Maiduguri and in 10 nearby towns, running clinics to remote locations where access was possible.The affair comes a few weeks after a previous scandal rocked Romania’s Orthodox Church.A priest from the northwest of the country, suspected of attempted sexual “corruption” involving a 17-year-old youth, was thrown out of the Church at the end of July.MSF admitted 20,760 children to therapeutic feeding centers, carried out 290,222 outpatient and 2,764 emergency consultations.

MSF conducted over 56,000 antenatal care consultations and assisted in 5,181 deliveries.She said that most of the times, police and other law enforcement agents exploit sex workers when they raid their brothels or streets where sex workers conduct their business.

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