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15-Dec-2017 06:17

Sharna Bremner from End Rape on Campus says such behavior represents one thing only: an uncaring will to exercise power over another human being.

More than 2,000 sexual images of underage girls and women have been shared by teen boys and young men, on an Australian website.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College students have also reportedly had photos shared without their consent on the site.

Commissioner Mac Gibbon told Perth Now the ringleaders of the archive would not be hard to track down.“Let me make it very clear; you may think you’re anonymous online but largely you are not,” he said.“If you are stupid enough to be involved in this, particularly as a ring leader, Google will have information on you.“If you do something like this on a site like Google — or Facebook, or Snapchat — you’re an idiot.”Mr Mac Gibbon said the site had appeared to be a “fairly large, well-cultivated collection of photos”.

” The nude photos, called “wins,” are uploaded or offered in trades.

In some cases, the victims are so eagerly sought after that bounties are attached to a photo theft.

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While this concept may induce people to send dirty pictures, unfortunately it is possible to take a screenshot of those pictures and preserve them forever.Victims have responded by asking that their pictures be taken down.Most of them are ignored, some have been laughed at and ridiculed, and others have been "hunted" themselves.Those "wins" (a colloquial term for nude photos) made their way to the forum after users (mainly teenage boys) nominated a specific high school or region along with the full names of girls they were "hunting." Other members then "contributed" by looking up additional personal information about the targeted women, including their physical addresses, phone numbers, and links to their social media profiles. One member offered to trade 300 images for a single win of a victim he was hunting.

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Bodybuilder Tiahna Prosser describes how she felt after she had discovered she had been victimized on the site: "It was like I had been sold, it’s just horrible especially when they want it of you specifically — that’s when it’s really disturbing.It’s not something I want to think about on a daily basis." does not mention how site members obtained nude photos of their victims.

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