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18-Aug-2017 22:11

Ein Film über bürgerschaftliches Engagement in Nordfriesland.A British woman imprisoned in Iran who went on hunger strike last week is being held because Britain is refusing to pay an arms deal debt from almost 40 years ago, her husband has claimed.A number of Christian denominations are represented in Iran.Many members of the larger, older churches belong to minority ethnic groups – the Armenians – and Assyrians having their own distinctive culture and language.

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Architect Mehran Gharleghi, director of Studio INTEGRATE and curator of the Evolution exhibition on Iranian art and architecture, explains how Iran's extraordinary architects developed clever strategies to beat the heat. Iran has one of the most sophisticated architectural traditions in the world.The bridge's design regulates water for the irrigation of nearby crops, and even controls wind speed in the area.Another example is the poetic design of the Persian Gardens, which make up a UNESCO World Heritage site.Over thousands of years, its architects have developed a style that combines aesthetic design and function to help people stay cool and comfortable in a hot and arid climate.

Beautiful and practical In Iranian architecture, function, form and ornamentation are not in contrast or competition.

Local Armenians believe that he and Simon were both buried here.